Saturday, April 25, 2015

1 Month Surgiversary (Surgery-Anniversary)

I can't believe it's already been a month since my bypass surgery. I've lost so much weight already (38.7lbs)! I can't believe it! I feel pretty good considering that I also had the hiatial hernia repair & some bleeding during surgery, but more about that later.

I can see the difference in my face. My clothes show the difference too! Clothes that fit before surgery are baggy on me now. On top of that clothes that were too tight before surgery are starting to fit nicely again, and some are even getting slightly lose.

My energy level has gone up quite a bit. I can go for walks without getting tired without getting tired, sore, or out of breath far more easily than I use to be able to. Yesterday I walked for over 2 miles around town with my BFF/God sister (Krysti).

I feel better in general and I'm loving it. There is one strange thing though. I'm starting to hate food. I don't really even want to put it in my mouth, because from my mouth it goes into my pouch and I don't really like how food feels to me in there.

My mother and Krysti don't seem to be experiencing this. Although this is sort of helpful for me because I've always liked food too much. Mostly I don't really wanna eat anything I mean I'm just not hungry, ever. I get thirsty just not hungry. Which is also good in a way because I was always hungry pre-op. Good but unexpected.

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