Thursday, April 2, 2015

Home from Surgery

I came home from surgery yesterday (April 1, 2015) and today is my first full day home. Here is how everything went.

The surgery itself went well, I had a bit of bleeding so I had to get an extra stitch in one of my incisions. That was a different type of stitch so it's more painful and sore that the other incisions.

When I was discharged from the recovery room and brought up to the ward I was going to stay in for the next few days I was surprised to see that I was being brought into a room that already had an occupant. This was quite frightening and then I saw my family in a room across the hall. I reached out towards them saying "but my family is over there". I remember being so confused and panicking a bit.

But then my family came into the room I was in, apparently they had been sitting in a waiting room.

Then they visited me for a while and everything I mentioned in my last post happened.

I'm not a big fan of narcotics so I haven't taken my Oxycodone since I got home. However one of my incisions ha another you of stitch in it and I am expected to have a lot more pain in that area. Which I definitely do. I'm going to have to call then if this keeps up to see what to do.

I'll talk more about my dislike of narcotics in my next post titled addictions.

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